Immense Insects

Press Release

Location: Leeds City Museum, Millennium Square, Leeds.

Opening Date: Saturday 9 October 2021.

Part of Light Night Leeds 2021 (14-15 October).

Open to the public for free.

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Exhibition Information

A brand new exhibition created by photographer Ed Hall in partnership with Leeds City Museum exhibiting insects in incredible detail. Funded by a Royal Entomological Society Goodman Award the exhibition highlights the importance of insects in natural history collections and hopes to unveil a seldom seen part of the natural world to the general public.

Specialist techniques have been used to photograph Leeds Museum’s insect collection, allowing the images to be printed up to 3 metres wide. This provides the perfect way to get up close and personal with some incredible creatures. The physical specimens will be on display along side their images, to give visitors an appreciation for the scale on which the images have been printed.

Ed Hall’s work focuses on digitally preserving important specimens from UK insect collections. An important aspect of this work is to create high resolution images of species that have gone extinct in the wild. For example, Sloane’s Urania (pictured below) is featured in the exhibition, a moth from Jamaica that is now extinct. Museum specimens are all that is left of this species, but they will only last so long. Digital imaging therefore is essential to preserve the record of such an incredible species that would otherwise be lost to time.  

Ed hopes the exhibition will give the general public a new perspective on a group of creatures that are so often overlooked, and that it may foster a greater appreciation of the natural world that surrounds us, even in large cities. 

About the photographer

Ed Hall is a photographer based in Leeds, UK. He has a background in ecology research, and currently works with museums and educational institutions photographing natural history collections.

Ed uses his work to provide new perspectives on the natural world, and hopes to give the public new ways to make connections with nature through exhibitions and digital media.

As a Fellow of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, Ed is researching and working to improve the digital preservation of natural history collections in the UK. These collections provide a rich scientific history of creatures all over the world. They won’t last forever, and need to be preserved before they are gone.

Contact Details


Instagram and Twitter: @macroprophoto

Phone: +44 (0) 7932 000258


Dead Inspiring

The exhibition is linked to the Leeds Museum’s Dead Inspiring project. An exciting new project working to empower women to get involved in science by exploring the natural world through the fascinating lens of entomology. Events and workshops for this project are to be organised around the exhibition.

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