Industry Leading Natural History Photography

State of the art equipment and cutting edge processing techniques mean MacroPro Photography produces some of the highest quality macro photography possible with current technology.


Revealing the natural world with unparalleled fidelity


To Educate

MacroPro Photography’s core philosophy is educate people about our natural world, with a focus on the overlooked species that are arguably the most important.


To Inspire.


The natural world is a place of limitless wonder and beauty, by providing a window into this alien landscape I hope to inspire people to take more interest in nature. 



To Preserve.

Natural history collections hold immeasurable value, but they are slowly degrading. Photography can digitally preserve specimens so that even when they are physically gone, they are not lost forever.  

Ed Hall - creator of MacroPro Photography


I have been developing methods for high-magnification imaging since 2015. I bring to my work not just photographic expertise, but also a master’s degree in biology and 3 years’ experience in an ecology research group. 

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